About us


The company is specializing in the field of quality. At the moment, our main areas of activity are:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Automotive industry

Our main goal is to build a good collaboration between you and your customer.

Our Mission is:

To improve your company’s relationships with a customer by providing you with the professional services in the solution of quality-based issues and with further support for continuous improvement of your products’ quality and production. An Indicator of our work is the highest level of your customer’s satisfaction.

Our Vision is:

  • To show the importance and value of the real quality in each field.
  • To illustrate the benefits of quality improvement inside the company, resulting in positive feedback from the customers.
  • To be in demand of leading companies for supporting their Engineering and Technical solving quality issues.
  • Work together as one team of professionals who are ready to demonstrate their highest level and achieve customer’s satisfaction in quality.

The name of our company – QS – means that we are specializing in Quality field only, as a Quality Service provider. The CONTACT means that our goal is to achieve a good cooperation between our client and his customer. Also we use the word CONT/ACT to explain the main Resident Engineering Service activity, the support to implement the CONTainment ACTion.