Lean Manufacturing

What is Lean and why you need it?

Lean – is a business strategy that involves the joint work of all staff at each level and in all functional areas, without exception. To implement the Lean strategy and reduce all types of losses, increase productivity and profitability Lean Management tools must be used.

The Most popular misconception we have met in our practice is people’s belief that Lean Management can be used for the production only. This is absolutely not true. Lean is not a tactic or a program to reduce costs, but a way of thinking and acting for each employee based on their common goal – the consumer.

Companies in all industries and services can use the Lean principles, since their main idea is to maximize the customer value and reduce your company’s costs.Using the Lean strategy we reduce losses in each kind of company’s activity rather than in individual points which further requires less involvement of human effort, less space of storage, less costs and less time to create a product or service at the lowest cost and minimum quantity of defects. In addition it becomes much easier to control the whole processes.