Lean Manufacturing Start Up process

Start Up Lean process

The success of our approach to the development of the company guaranteed its absolute practicality

We are working on 5 “weak points” of the enterprise:

  1. Stream – building a system of process control, research processes and their alignment in accordance with the demand for the final product (works, services).
  2. Equipment – creation of a system based on the maintenance of the equipment by the operator. Contains such important elements as quick changeover and early warning
  3. Quality – the introduction of built-in quality – the control elements, aimed at preventing penalties and defects rather than “late” control and tracking of these issues.
  4. Services – optimization of administrative processes, elimination the unnecessary traffic and processing stages of documentation.
  5. Changes – the mechanisms of implementing changes within the company. Without the necessary actions to stabilize the process the result of changes will not be secured.

Step by step implementation process:

  1. Training on the topic “Improving business performance – building lean enterprise.”
  2. Inspection of the main business processes: marketing, sales, design, engineering support of production, planning, procurement, production, internal and external logistics.
  3. Fixing the results of the departments in the enterprise (if necessary, carry out an inventory).
  4. Project Selection VSM (Value Stream Mapping) based on the significance of the product.
  5. Mapping Value Stream current and future state of the product.
  6. Development and approval of vision, strategy, roadmap for continuous improvement, refinement of the targets.
  7. Implementation of Lean Management tools (based on the bottlenecks identified in the VSM)
  8. Building a system of flow control (TFM):
    • Design planning decisions plant;
    • Design planning solution shop;
    • Design planning decisions sites;
    • Design of logistics flows;
    • Organization of supermarkets.
  1. The jobs (5S):
    • Implementation of pilot projects.
  1.   Reduced setup time (SMED):
    • Implementation of pilot projects.
  1.  General maintenance of equipment (TPM):
    • Implementation of pilot projects in 5 steps autonomous and planned maintenance
  1.     The introduction of quality management (TQM):
    • Quality matrix;
    • 8 steps addressing culture 3 is not.
  1. Visual management.
  1. Summing up the results of the implementation of the principles and tools of Lean Manufacturing.



We can arrange a tours to Korean, Japanese, European and Russian companies that use Lean Manufacturing for a long time.