Quality Investigation Center

Quality Investigation Center – we call it QIC.

QIC is the fastest way to discover the roots cause of the issue appeared
and to protect Your customer promptly.

Issue fast analysis

Analyzing issue root causes promptly with detailed information presentation with photo or video materials in the report.

Measuring or testing the part

Stepwise detailed analysis with the part disassembling (only with stepwise instruction provided)

Purchasing equipment or tools.

Need special tools to implement containment actions or repair parts? We may provide you with service to search for and purchase all the tools or equipment that you may need.  We save your time and money for the supplies and custom clearance.

Manufacturing special devices and tools.

Designing and manufacturing special devices or tools according to drawings provided to verify parts quality

Specialized measuring tools

Devices for testing electrical components

Special hand tool

Testing electrical components and firmware upgrade.

Miscellaneous electrical tests of parts

Vehicle components firmware upgrade

Reprogramming the settings of miscellaneous modules via OBD

Product testing and measuring:

 Part 3D-geometry scanning or measuring

Destructive and nondestructive test

Test for withstanding high and low temperatures

Test for leakage (gas, liquid)

Noise and vibration tests