Resident Engineering

Expert in quality to provide you with the support in your customer’s premises promptly.

This service allows you to control each process and see the route of your product since its arrival at your customer’s warehouse.



You always possess the information about the current situation with your product at your customer’s side.

              You do not need to care about the implementation of containment actions at customer’s production.

              Your personnel are free of resolving quality issues with a customer.

We divide the Resident Engineering services into the following points:

Issue Preventing (IP) – the actions aimed at preventing any problems in future and solve the issues without PPM:

  • Monitoring the assembling process on production line to prevent hard assembling or damaging during part installation.
  • Control assembling process or tool changes
  • Analyze the critical areas on production line where the part could be damaged
  • Material handling on production line and warehouse
  • Checking the unpacking process to prevent damaging
  • Analyze the package and parts damaging during transportation
  • Daily visiting of Scrap areas
  • Negotiation with operators and team leader on production line
  • Random parts checking at production line
  • Support process engineers to prevent damaging during assembly.
  • Support to OEM colleagues during issue investigation before claiming.

Trouble Shooting – the actions aimed at solving an issue in short time and protecting customer’s production line. (ECA) :

  • Analyze and provide the detailed information regarding issue occurred.
  • In case if supplier issue confirmed, protect the OEM production line immediately by Resident Engineer
  • Creating the Sorting or Rework instruction and getting confirmation with Incoming Quality Department.
  • Choosing the proper Sorting & Rework company able to do this sorting.
  • Providing Sorting & Rework company contact details to start ECA.
  • Training for Sorting & Rework company inspectors.
  • Controlling the Sorting & Rework process.
  • Optimization of Sorting & Rework process to reduce time and costs.
  • Inventing the Rework method in case of NOK parts have been found for scrap preventing.
  • Purchasing and providing the tools needed for Rework activities
  • Providing daily Sorting & Rework result sheet.
  • Tracking the certify delivery
  • Checking certifies delivery and trial fitting to be sure that issue is solved.
  • Сlosing containment actions after getting Incoming Quality confirmation.
  • Support in closing the G8D report.

New or modified products safety launch:

  • Support in parts testing and trial fitting with your customer’s engineering departments
  • Resolving miscellaneous issues during new products launch
  • Signing and coordination of necessary documentation with your customer (PSW, SREA)
  • New products supplies, packing and storage supervision